While Daredevil has a reputation of bringing home many different ladies in the comic books, his character has yet to go to bed with any of them. However, before his titular series has even premiered, we’ve seen Luke Cage with at least two different women in Jessica Jones. With Misty Knight and Claire Temple both being portrayed as love interests for the unbreakable hero, it is interesting to see him turning into the character in the MCU that gets the most action with the women.

In an interview with Moviefone, Colter was asked how he felt about playing the romantic lead. The titular star said it just seemed to be a part of the character development, for him.

You know, if someone had told me that I was going to be a romantic lead at any point, I would have thought it was too cliché. I like to think of myself as a character actor. But in this case, what you’re looking at is basically an effortless and sort of seamless, organic development of a character who is looking for companionship, who has lost his main companion, who was also his best friend. Reva is a person he was married to, she was taken from him. That was also his best friend, as most relationships are, so now he has no one to confide in, so he’s also looking for someone to talk to.

And so, with Jessica, he thought he had that. Not a lot of talking, but he was getting there. There were some moments they shared some stuff. And then, again, something happens with Misty that may or may not be going anywhere. You just don’t know. I look at him as a bit of a hopeless romantic. I mean, that’s not what you would think of it immediately, but definitely, when he does think he has something, he goes in pretty hard.

Of course, Luke gets involved in plenty of fights, which is a completely different specialty. When asked if it was more complicated to play a fighter than a lover, Colter explained that the two cases are completely different.

Complicated? Logistically speaking, it’s probably more complicated to do a fight scene, but the sex scenes do add a bit more difficulty because you have to do them over and over and over. And then, you’ve got a lot of crew in there — it’s a bit awkward sometimes.

It just depends who the person is. If you’ve done it before, it helps a little bit. But it’s never casual. You do the best you can, you crack a few jokes, or not, depending on the day, depending on how the person is feeling. You kind of try and be professional about it, and get to it and make it look good. If you make it look good and you do it right, then you won’t have to do it so many times.

Cage is a lover and a fighter, but what makes him more than ordinary is that he has powers. While wooing the ladies and beating up bad guys, he is Power Man, with unbreakable skin. We’ve already seen how calm Luke can be while under attack, and Colter said that his intent, as an actor, was to downplay these abilities, at first.

I think the main thing is that, less is more sometimes. When you know he has the power and you established that, you don’t want to see it used all the time — because remember, first of all, in the beginning, he doesn’t want people to know he has the powers, so there’s only like one or two people who knows about his abilities

And then there’s also the fact that he doesn’t want to be looked at as a freak. He’s not walking around doing carnival tricks and stuff like that. He wants to be just a normal guy and stuff like that. He doesn’t want people to shoot him. If you shoot him, then, obviously, he gets a hole in his clothing, and also people look at him and go, did you see that? He doesn’t want the attention. So he’s trying to avoid these little moments where he has to explain his powers.

Colter portrays the mixed emotions of Luke Cage with amazing skill, and we are sure to enjoy the additional depth of character that comes with his own 13-episode series. We are hours away from getting to see that series, which premieres worldwide at the stroke of midnight in the Pacific time zone. Will you be watching?