One of the best parts of Jessica Jones was not only getting the introduction to the lead character herself, but also meeting Luke Cage (Mike Colter). Now that the series has premiered, fans of Cage will have to wait till his own series to see him again, barring a cameo in season 2 of Daredevil.

Colter is currently hard at work on Luke Cage, his chance to lead a series. Den of Geek! had the opportunity to talk to him about the upcoming series. One thing people need to understand, Luke Cage is not a spinoff.

You know, it was always the plan. I think a few articles mentioned that it was a spinoff and I was like it was always planned to do this before.

I think some people were confused because they don’t read and they go, “Well, if he’s in this one and now he’s doing his own, he has a spinoff.” A spinoff would be kind of an afterthought, meaning that you do one show and then you go, “Wait a minute, I want to do a show with this character.” But they already had planned to do that.

The Netflix corner of the MCU has been fixated on a very adult and dark tone. Daredevil started it, and Jessica Jones became even more, showing drugs, sex, and more. According to Colter, his series will follow the dark tone but also bring in an urban feel.

The tone is, in the sense that it is adult. It is grounded in realism and it is able to deal with very heavy issues, it’s similar.

Cheo who is our showrunner, he brought a whole new writing team and the musicality, literally and figuratively, will be different. Where he is uptown is going to feel different than Hell’s Kitchen. I would like to think that while we are in the same world, it’s going to feel a little more, I guess, urban is the word most people would say. We’re all in the city but I guess uptown specifically versus Hell’s Kitchen.

The characters that live uptown are different than the characters that live in Hell’s Kitchen, but you will see some crossover characters as you already noticed on the previous series. So there are similarities but definitely you’re going to notice that you’re in Harlem as opposed to Hell’s Kitchen. We want to be true to Harlem as a part of town and distinctly different than Hell’s Kitchen.

Based on recent set photos, we know Claire Temple will be one of those crossover characters. Hopefully, his good friend Jessica Jones will pop up as well, or maybe the devil of Hell’s Kitchen.

Luke Cage is projected to debut exclusively on Netflix in the summer/fall of 2016.

Source: Den of Geek!