Gotta hand it to the charm of Carl Lucas. He bags the most beautiful, badass women this side of New York and still manages to be Harlem’s hero on the side. And out of all his romantic/sexual trysts, it’s his relationship with Jessica Jones that is the most profound. The events of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage never allowed the two to be happy together but with the way the writers ending things for them, it’s evident that there are unresolved issues between the two. Because of this, one of the big question marks going into August’s The Defenders is the relationship of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, leaving fans wondering what the dynamic would be between the two. Luke Cage star Mike Colter slyly teased what was to come in The Defenders when he was asked about the possible turmoil and friction between Luke and Jessica now that they’ve removed themselves from each other.

I can tease you that there may or may not be something between them. I mean, it’s great. You get to see Luke and Jessica together again on screen. Hopefully you’ll all be satisfied seeing how it moves to another storyline.

The comments are brief but nonetheless interesting. Not only does Mike hint that something happens between them during The Defenders, but the comments indicate that the core of what happens between them (whatever that may be) will seep in through their sophomore seasons. Because of set photos that surfaced depicting Luke getting frisky with Claire in a back alley, we know that Luke’s a taken man when the four get together. But things between him and Claire may change at a moment’s notice (cue the dreadful fan speculation that Claire’s death will unite the four heroes) and we all know how tension-filled a room can get with Jessica and Luke inside it, so we never know.

Personally, I don’t mind seeing them NOT get back together. As wonderful it will be to finally see them end up together and have that baby, having JessiLuke (Cajones??) is better in small doses, especially now with Jessica Jones and Luke Cage Season 2 in tow. What I do hope to see in The Defenders is them addressing the lack of closure between them and the fact that Matt and Luke are now eskimo brothers.

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