In just over three months, the Netflix corner of the MCU is going to expand once again. Following in the footsteps of smash hits like the first two seasons of Daredevil and the first season of Jessica Jones, Marvel and Netflix’s third original series is set to debut and shine some more light upon a recent fan favorite. Mike Colter made his debut as Luke Cage in Jessica Jones as a backdoor pilot of sorts for the character, not to mention setting up their relationship early on in each of their stories. Well, right as September is about to end, Colter’s solo series, Luke Cage, will also hit the streaming service.

We have already seen a short preview of the series in Netflix’s version of post credit scenes following the season two finale of Daredevil, but that is the only thing we’ve seen from the series with the exception of set photos. Now for folks making the journey to San Diego Comic-Con, it will be a Sweet Christmas in July. Deadline is reporting that Colter, showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker, and co-star Alfre Woodard (Mariah Dillard) will be at the event and will not be coming empty handed. There will apparently be a preview of the series shown at SDCC, but it is unclear if that means a trailer, or if they will go all out and show the first full episode to a select audience.

Hopefully whatever is shown will be released online in the days (or hours preferably) to follow. If that is the case, we will post the footage here or even a description of the footage if that comes out as well. Let us know if you will be at SDCC and what you want to see from the possible footage in the comments below!

Luke Cage will debut exclusively on Netflix at 12:01 PST on September 30th.

Source: Deadline.