Over the past few months, we’ve been getting reports that the production for Luke Cage Season 2 has been slowly ramping up its production schedule. With our recent scoop about potential character breakdowns for the show along with quotes from Mike Colter himself and productions signs spotted in New York, it was pretty clear that we’d hear some real filming news soon. Well, thanks to the ever reliable folks at On Location Vacations, we now have confirmation that the show has indeed started filming.

No word yet on who specifically is on set but we’ll probably hear about that as well. I’m really keen on seeing some old faces like Bobby Fisher return for the show. Heck, throw in Turk Barrett in there, provided that he doesn’t die in his appearance in the Punisher. As for some new faces, some of the actors that auditioned in those casting breakdowns we encountered were somewhat recognizable. It’ll be interesting to see if some of them actually make it on the show. Stay tuned here for more updates!

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Source: OLV