That dream of a “Heroes for Hire” show is one step closer to a reality. Entertainment Weekly got a first look at Finn Jones as Danny Rand (aka the Iron Fist, and his many titles I am too lazy to type out) in season two of Luke Cage.

Nice haircut, Danny-Boy. Still trying to grow out that scruff to look less boyish, I see. Netflix didn’t provide EW with any other additional details, other than the one photo (which appears to be in Harlem’s Paradise). But given the mostly well-received interactions between Luke (Mike Colter) and Danny in The Defenders, this could be good news for many, even for those who didn’t particularly enjoy Iron Fist.

When we last saw Danny in the team-up miniseries, he was ready to take on Matt Murdock’s mantle as protector (damn it Matt, you should have said “defend” instead) of Manhattan. We’ll presumably get an update for how that’s going come season two of Luke Cage. Just like last time, Iron Fist is gonna have to wait for not only The Punisher, but the three other Netflix/Marvel series until he returns for a full season on his own show, so try to enjoy the little Danny we get every once in a while.

Luke Cage will be back to lifting heavy rocks and bending metal objects in his bullet-ridden hoodie sometime in 2018.

Any expectations on Danny’s role in the show? Are we getting closer to Heroes for Hire on Netflix?

Source: Entertainment Weekly