We are finally seven days away from the highly anticipated sophomore season of Luke Cage. The marketing for the show is at a peak and the reviews for it have finally dropped. And for the most part, they seem wholly positive with criticism directed towards the season’s length (a super common nitpick among fans) and inconclusive nature. Without furder ado, here they are!

Luke Cage is not just a superhero show, it has gone beyond that and has become something else, something more. Season two was an epic crime drama where there is no evil, no objective good and this story has no winners. History is strong, its pull immense, and much like in life there is no clear-cut conclusion. There is no truly happy ending to this season, no sense of real conclusion and that is because the world is never simple.Talkies Network

Overall, this is a good outing for Luke Cage. It appears the staff and writers are starting to become hampered by the Marvel Netflix shows each having a length of 13 episode. That’s why a format change for about 10 episodes probably can’t come soon enough. This season is highlighted by a strong adversary for Luke Cage in Bushmaster, and an emotional payoff with Luke reconnecting with his father. This might not be one of the best Marvel Netflix seasons, but it is one of the better ones.411 Mania

On the surface, Luke Cage season 2 might look like a retread of the character-driven, family crime drama that propelled the show to success in the first place. But don’t be fooled. This sophomore effort throws our titular hero deeper into the seedy underbelly of Harlem, and if the finale is any indication, he may not emerge unchanged. Rest assured, if a third season sees the light of day, it’ll be an entirely new chapter for Luke.We Got This Covered

Overall, Luke Cage season two is a solid watch that suffers from the same problems as all the Marvel Netflix shows do. It’s too slow at times to fill out its episode count and doesn’t always utilize the super part of its superhero character to its fullest capabilities. That said, the show keeps true to what made it the most fun of the Defenders series in season one. If you were a fan, you will continue to be. If you weren’t, you probably won’t be swayed to join the pack in season two.Forbes

It’s become readily apparent that a lot of these Marvel Netflix series have too much space to fill in 13-episode seasons, and Luke Cage Season Two, despite its improvements, can’t avoid this hurdle completely. Jessica Jones Season Two had a nice spread of key characters whose respective storylines intertwined nicely with the heroine’s journey; unfortunately, Luke Cage’s storyline doesn’t have as much polish. A lot of the secondary characters (especially the female ones) get pinwheel arcs, spinning in circles without ultimately going very far. The worst of these is no doubt Misty Knight (Simone Messick), who gets a promising start, but stalls in her (literally) half-cooked story arc.Comicbook

The themes of the new season are equally intriguing and socially relevant. Marvel fans will appreciate the numerous easter eggs this season. The music selections for each episode reflected the tone and feel of that moment. Most importantly, the pacing of Luke Cage was adjusted to reflect what fans were craving. It’s as if the first season was the appetizer and now we are getting the main course. Fans couldn’t have asked for a better second season and will no doubt be pumped when they see where the series is headed next.Monkeys Fighting Robots

** It’s a better full run than Season 1, more stable than the sophomore season of Jessica Jones and damn sight better than Iron Fist. Speaking of the Immortal Weapon, props to Coker and crew for finding a way to make Danny much more likable than he’s been so far and we sure hope that he and Luke get to have the future together we all want to see. I don’t know if you need to binge this show-I’d take it in 3 or so episodes at a time-but I think you’ll want to watch it and I think you’ll enjoy it.** – That Hashtag Show

We’ll be updating this as more reviews show up throughout the day. Stay tuned!