It’s finally here! After a promotional video of Luke Cage impressing the neighborhood surfaced online, Marvel and Netflix have finally unveiled the first legit trailer of the show’s sophomore season. Check it out!

So tonally, it feels pretty much the same as the first season. It’s got that fun energy we’ve grown to appreciate. We get a good look at the returning cast of characters. Misty holds a blueprint of her bionic arm. Claire continues to be Harlem’s voice of reason. We see Shades and Mariah return to rule Harlem. We also get introduced to Bushmaster, a character we speculated to be part of this second season in our exclusive character breakdown, another bulletproof beast threatening the stability of Luke Cage’s beloved Harlem. The best part is that Bushmaster actually has some moves. I guess that’s why Danny Rand steps in to help train Luke.

My favorite part of the trailer is probably the end where we see the late great Reg E. Cathey spout some words of wisdom as Luke Cage’s father.

If that wasn’t enough, Netflix also dropped one hell of a poster. It’s fitting that Luke is Atlas in this poster.

Source: Twitter