So far, we haven’t seen any of the Netflix Marvel series officially released on DVD in the United States. While you can find a Blu-Ray edition of some of the earlier series on Amazon, these are UK editions. What us Americans are missing out on are the Steelbook Editions of these series that have been released overseas. While there aren’t the special features to which we would all enjoy access, there is that sense of accomplishment for the Marvel collectors when they have a tangible version of these series.

Finally, those collectors can add the first season of Luke Cage to their homes, as the Steelbook Blu-Ray will be released November 27. Of couse, like all previous versions, this is a UK release. but like Daredevil and Jessica Jones, you may be able to find copies in the US without regional restrictions, soon enough. The Steelbook for Luke Cage does list “Off-Stage At Harlem’s Paradise” as a special feature, which could be something that fans haven’t seen before. More than anything, the art for this collector’s piece is amazing.

With a release date is more than a year after fans had access to the full first season of the Power Man on Netflix, it’s a great time to give the series a full re-watch in anticipation of the second season, which is currently filming. While Marvel is being even more secretive than normal about release dates, these days, we expect that we’ll get the new season of Luke Cage at some point in 2018.

Does the fact that you can’t get the Netflix serieso n DVD in the United States bother you? Or are you one of the lucky international fans that can get a hold of these Steelbook collector’s editions? Make us all jealous, in the comments!

Source: Zavvi