After patiently waiting for a glimpse into the first season of Luke Cage, Marvel and Netflix fulfilled our wishes by releasing the first teaser trailer for the series. The trailer in and of itself is packed with gun shots, fights, and plenty of Mike Colter as Luke Cage himself. One thing that instantly becomes noticeable, however, is the different feel that the series has in comparison to Daredevil and Jessica Jones. The previous shows have been very dark, with moments of levity, but in this trailer, there is a sense of fun that comes with the music playing throughout.

Showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker is doing all he can to bring the series and viewers to Harlem, and the music is where this begins. During yesterday’s panel, it was revealed that the music influence is spilling over to the each individual episode with them revealing that each episode is named after a Gang Starr song. In preparation for the panel, Coker made the rounds doing interviews and got to talking to Zap2It about The Defenders, the team up series that Luke will be a part of. The music influence for Coker did not stop with the episode titles for his series, as he went on to compare The Defenders to the Wu-Tang Clan.

I always make music and movie analogies. For me, ‘Daredevil’ is Method Man. ‘Jessica Jones’ is Ghostface Killah. ‘Luke Cage’ is Raekwon. All these shows, when they come together — and eventually when ‘Iron Fist’ comes out’ — they all come together as the ‘Defenders’ and you have the Wu-Tang Clan.

The shows each get to have their own flavors, their own vibes, their own character dynamics. But at the same time, when they come together the strength of unity is what makes it so dynamic and so spectacular.

The analogy is an interesting one to say the least, as I’m not sure many of them are any good with music. Joking aside, the individual series have and should feel different than the team up. Captain America movies have a different tone than Thor movies do, but when they combine for Avengers films, it all works. It is all about learning how to bring them together and keeping the individuality of each character within a group dynamic. The Defenders is not that far out and if you weren’t excited before, the new teaser should do the trick.

The Defenders will debut exclusively on Netflix in 2017.

Source: Zap2It.