The final episode title for Netflix’s Luke Cage has been revealed! Much like the other reveals he did, showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker took to Twitter to announce that the thirteenth and final episode of Luke Cage‘s freshman season will be called “You Know My Steez.”

Much like the other twelve titles, “You Know My Steez” is also the title of a song from popular east coast hip-hop duo, Gang Starr.

Music will play a large role in the upcoming show, and you can read more about the A-list artists that contributed here.

The rest of the episodes are titled as followed:

1) Moment of Truth 2) Code of the Streets 3) Who’s Gonna Take the Weight? 4) Step in the Arena 5) Just to Get a Rep 6) Suckas Need Bodyguards 7) Manifest 8) Blowin’ Up the Spot 9) DWYCK 10) Take it Personal 11) Now You’re Mine 12) Soliloquy of Chaos 13) You Know My Steez

All thirteen episodes of Luke Cage (starring Mike Colter, Simone Missick, and Alfre Woodard) will drop on Netflix on September 30th.

Source: Twitter