Here’s something we missed over the weekend. Some new videos from the set of Luke Cage Season 2 have surfaced and they feature Power Man himself, Mike Colter, strutting down Brooklyn’s Crown Heights in, you guessed it, a hoodie riddled with bullet holes. You’d think that he’d have something bulletproof designed by Melvin Potter by now. Check out the videos below courtesy of a few very lucky bystanders who witnessed the entire thing.

Not much to see there other than Harlem’s hunk of a hero being himself. But like I always say with uneventful set photos, they’re a nice reminder of what’s to come. Going back to what I mentioned above, I think Luke Cage wearing a hoodie after all this time means that we aren’t seeing any official bulletproof superhero costume. Not that he needs one. Still, I still think it’d be cool to see these Netflix heroes, other than Daredevil, to wear a costume of sorts down the line that’s not just everyday clothing.

Shameless plug: I just finished my Luke Cage MCU Supercut for the longest time. So if you’ve got the itch to watch a retrospective dedicated to the first season leading up to August’s The Defenders, it’s the perfect video for you. Peep it!

Source: Twitter via DNA Info