In less than twenty-four hours, we’ll all have access to the entirety of Luke Cage, season one. The 13-episode series promises a “Hip-Hopification of the Marvel Universe,” and much of the attention that the show has received is in its portrayal of a black super-hero in a historically black neighborhood. Last night, at the premiere of the show (appropriately, in Harlem), Mike Colter discussed that while Luke Cage has been deemed a “black show,” the stories are universal.

“People want to describe it as a black show, but I would say it’s inclusively black,” Colter told Variety, “in a sense that yes the characters are black and yes you’re watching a show shot in Harlem, but these inclusively black characters have the same problems you have, and go through the same sort of issues that everyone goes through.”

In Jessica Jones, we learned that Luke Cage has very few physical vulnerabilities. However, the character was emotionally deep, and through the grief of his deceased wife, Reva, he showed his emotional vulnerabilities. While audiences of all backgrounds may not be able to relate to the streets of Harlem, the insides of nightclubs, or even small family-owned barbershops, we can all relate to these emotional journeys, on which Luke Cage is sure to deliver.

We will all get to go on that emotional journey tomorrow, when Luke Cage will be available to stream on Netflix beginning at 12:00 PST. In the meantime, let us know what you expect to be Cage’s physical and emotional vulnerabilities in the comments below!

Source: Variety.