Last year during the first season of Jessica Jones, we got our introduction to Mike Colter as Luke Cage himself. Colter appeared in about half the season, but stole a lot of the scenes that he was in. Thankfully in only a few months, Marvel and Netflix will release the first season of his solo series, Luke Cage, as part of their original plan of four separate series leading into a team up mini-series that will be The Defenders. The solo series is set to have a unique flavor and give us information on Luke’s past, plus show us more of Power Man.

Now in the lead up to a Luke Cage panel at San Diego Comic-Con, some new promotional materials have started to be released. It started with another SDCC exclusive poster designed by Joe Quesada and then a new classy picture of Luke was posted just yesterday. With people now on the streets of San Diego and walking through preview night at SDCC, The Daily Superhero has picked up the newest issue from EW and revealed the following photo,

Similarly to what we have seen from Luke in the past, his strength and unbreakable skin are on full display. This photo and the previous promotional materials are hopefully building towards our first trailer tomorrow during the panel. If a trailer is released, we will have it for you shortly after it is posted. Stay tuned for more about Luke Cage from SDCC this week and let us know your thoughts on the photo in the comments below!

Luke Cage will debut exclusively on Netflix at 12:01 PST on September 30th.

Source: EW (via The Daily Superhero.