If you’ve binged through the entire Season of Luke Cage, which dropped only a few days ago, then you might be wondering what happened to his relationship with Jessica Jones? In short, Kilgrave happened, Luke Cage was mind controlled and earned a shotgun blast to the head by the end of the Jessica Jones series. Not to mention, he also struggled with finding out the girl he is involved with is also his late wife’s killer. While this does get resolved in the series, it’s not surprising that Luke Cage would be having second thoughts about maintaining the relationship for now. Lead actor Mike Colter sat down with Variety and answered questions on where the character is since his premiere on the Jessica Jones series.

He had a suspicion that getting involved with Jessica was going to be bad news — it wasn’t going to end well. And I think against his better instinct he still wanted to get involved — he allowed himself to get sucked up emotionally and physically.… I think he’s learned his lesson. But then again, Luke is a hopeless romantic, and ultimately he functions better with someone. He always wants to have someone by his side, so that’s his Achilles heel — wanting to find that connection with someone.

It’s good that Colter doesn’t totally close the door on the relationship, in the comics Jessica and Luke eventually get married and have a child together. But, after waking from a massive headache at the end of Jessica Jones, Luke Cage simply disappears and later arrives in Harlem. Unfortunately, Jessica is only mentioned as the “rebound chick” during the Luke Cage season, and Luke quickly moves on to hooking up with Misty Knight played by Simone Missick, early on. By the end of the series, Cage shares a passionate kiss with none other than Rosario Dawson‘s Claire Temple, the very girl that stitched him up at the end of Jessica Jones. There is no doubt Luke Cage is a multi-faceted character, and as Mike Colter said he always wants someone by his side, so it might be a while before we see him tied down.

Jessica Jones and Luke Cage will get to share the screen once again when we finally get to The Defenders series. But, how Cage will set himself apart from the rest of the group will be an important aspect of his character. Mike Colter mentioned that his brand of justice is a little different:

Luke comes with a certain amount of emotional depth. As a black man in today’s culture, what he represents and what he’s dealing with in his own life — being a fugitive on the run but being innocent, but at the same time not feeling sorry for himself — he’s always thinking about the community, and thinking about things in a larger sense in his life. He wants more than just this thing that he’s doing now — it was kind of thrust upon him. He’s very thoughtful about his actions. He has no agenda with his powers. He’s seen what helping out leads to; he doesn’t see the point. It never ends well. He doesn’t have a costume, he doesn’t have a mask, everybody knows who he is. So I think he brings a certain gravitas that says, “I don’t want to rush to judgment about anyone. I don’t want to do anything until we just talk about this, because everything has a consequence.” I see him as the consigliere of the group.

As a consigliere or advisor, Luke Cage fits the perfect role for the group. Daredevil is much more direct, willing to make the villains pay, but keeping them alive. Jessica has her own personal struggles but also brings attitude, and we have yet to see exactly how Finn Jones as Iron Fist will fit into the mix. But, Luke Cage could be the voice of reason, as a black man he is extremely familiar with prejudice, so being calculated in executing judgment is where he can shine. We catch a glimpse of this in episode 3 of Luke Cage, where the titular hero doesn’t go directly to crime boss Cottonmouth and beat him black and blue, but devises a plan to bring down his whole operation.

With The Defenders set to release sometime next year we won’t have to wait long to see Mike Colter as Luke Cage team up against a new threat.

Luke Cage is streaming on Netflix now. It stars Mike Colter (Luke Cage), Mahershala Ali (Cottonmouth), Simone Missick (Misty Knight), Alfre Woodard (Mariah), Rosario Dawson (Claire Temple), and Theo Rossi (Shades).

Source: Variety