Now that we’ve gotten a few days to internalize the awesomeness that was the Black Panther trailer, it’s probably safe to say that it was one of the most incredible things Marvel has put out. The trailer was well received by fans all over including one who happens to be in the actual trailer. Speaking to Access Hollywood during the Women in Film 2017 Crystal + Lucy Awards, Lupita Nyong’o was asked about her reaction to the Black Panther, to which she had this to say:

**I am geeking out. I was screaming louder than anybody else. I mean it’s really exciting. Of course, there is still a lot of work being done on it and we have to deliver something as good as that trailer. But that trailer was very encouraging. It’s exciting. It’s so empowering, you know. I couldn’t help but twerk (laughs) as I watched it. And that’s the thing. I can project myself onto all sorts of human experiences and I have all my life. But to see myself reflected back to me does something so powerful. You rise up a little. We could all use that kind of representation. **

One of the absolute best things about the Black Panther trailer was seeing the overwhelming response from the black community. From the reaction videos that get you hyped AF to the hilarious memes celebrating the trailer, the excitement surrounding the film is just too infectious to ignore. With Lupita in particular, her response to the trailer has a profoundness to it, being half-Kenyan herself. African culture isn’t something that is commonly represented in Hollywood films of this scale, so to hear Lupita’s response to a trailer wholly dedicated to representing the beautiful things that make the culture what it is, is just so amazing to hear. We absolutely cannot wait to see her kick ass in the film!

Source: Access Hollywood