South Korean actor Ma Dong-seok, most famous for his role in the 2016 zombie action-thriller Train to Busan, will make his American film debut in The Eternals. But, his role has yet to be revealed. So, he could be a human or even an Eternal with a popular theory being Zuras. Or he could even be related to the rumored character of James from earlier today.

Regardless, even from having only seen Train to Busan, Ma Dong-seok has a lot of charisma as an actor, not to mention great physically in the movie’s various action sequences.

More and more roles are being added with Angelina Jolie as (likely) SersiKumail Nanjiani in a currently unknown role, and now Ma Dong-seok also in an unknown role. So far, this movie looks to be having a pretty diver cast of actors that will be directed by Chloe Zhao and written by Matthew and Ryan Firpo. With production starting this September with an assumed release date of November 6, 2020, we’ll be hearing more and hearing casting news.

Who do you think Ma Dong-seok is playing?

Source: The Wrap