Actors fumbling on information that hasn’t been revealed to the public are the nip slips of the age of scooping. It happens from time to time as actors are prone to errors after all. One very good example is how Rogue One star Jiang Wen accidentally revealed the death of his character in last year’s Star Wars celebration (which you can see in all its glory here). And while not as severe as that hilarious fumble, I’d like to imagine that Finn Jones made the same reaction as Alan Tudyk when Mike Colter unknowingly confirmed Madame Gao’s involvement in this August’s The Defenders during their Comicpalooza panel in Houston last weekend.

What happened was that the moderator asked the Iron Fist and Luke Cage stars to share which of their respective castmates would be appearing in The Defenders. And because they weren’t exactly allowed to share such information openly, the discussion shifted to characters that appeared in the trailer instead. As obvious names from the trailer were being listed, someone from audiences shouted Madame Gao, to which Mike quickly concurred in agreement:

We saw Madame Gao [in the trailer]. Gao’s in it.

Now if any of you guys have watched the trailer a billion times like me, you know that Madame Gao is nowhere to be found in those 2 minutes. In fact, until this fumble by Colter, there has been no confirmation from any of those involved in the show that Gao was going to be a part of this, only speculations by the fans. The fan speculation, however, is nothing less than logical. Gao appearing in The Defenders is very welcome yet very unsurprising. Anyone who’s been privy to the events of Iron Fist knows that Gao is inevitably going to have a hand (Hand pun #51) in shaping the story of The Defenders. But regardless of this glaringly obvious direction, it’s kind of cool that we know for sure that Gao is going to be the show, albeit that it was unknowingly revealed by Colter himself.

Big thanks to our good friends and former collaborators at the It’s All Connected Podcast for hooking us up with the audio recording of the panel. You can check out their podcasts over at HHWLOD!

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