During the Marvel Television panel at SDCC this past July, we learned a lot about what to expect from the upcoming second season of Agent Carter. While it’s unclear how much of the cast will return from season one – currently only Chad Michael Murray (Agent Jack Thompson) , James D’Arcy (Edwin Jarvis), and Enver Gjokaj (Agent Daniel Sousa) have been confirmed to return alongside Hayley Atwell (Peggy Carter) – we do know that the show will introduce a few new faces going into the new season. Jarvis’ wife was confirmed to be joining the show, as well as a couple of new villains.

During SDCC, the showrunners teased both the Secret Empire and the Darkforce. (You can read more about those here.) And now today, it has been revealed that there’s going to be a new female villain introduced in season two.

In an interview with /Film, executive producers Tara Butters and Chris Dingess confirmed that Madame Masque will be the villain in the upcoming second season of Agent Carter – albeit with some changes to the character.

Are there any Marvel villains exclusively from the ‘40s you have access to?

Tara: Here’s the thing. It’s a little hard. In the comic books, a lot of the Marvel period, there are issue rights. Our villain from the season is very much a Marvel villain that we co-opted a little bit like we did Dr. Fennhoff in the first season.

Chris: It’s a ‘40s version of that villain.

So you’ve adapted her back in time.

Tara: We’ve co-opted her.

Chris: We put our spin on her.

What was modern about Madame Masque that just wouldn’t work in the ‘40s?

Tara: I think we’ve changed the look of her a bit obviously. We’ve made her an actress, which is very Hedy Lamar. She was a ‘40s siren actress who was also a scientific genius, so that’s part of what we’re mining with this character.

Have you cast her?

Tara: Yes, we have but we’re not allowed to announce it yet.

Is it significant that the villain is a woman?

Tara: For me it is, because I feel like that is something that… as much as there are not enough female heroes just on television, I feel like having a female villain is just as equally powerful.

Chris: I also think because she’s a female villain, her story informs Peggy’s story in a unique way and vice versa.

It’ll be interesting to see how they go about adapting the character to fit the show. There have already been a few audition videos for the second season uploaded onto Vimeo, both seem to be for the role of Wendy Fallon, a character that seems to fit with their description of the Madame Masque they’ll be using for Agent Carter. (Audition video one and two.) It’s possible that these videos may offer us our first glance at how they’ll approach the character for the show.

With the role of Madame Masque having already been cast and production speculated to begin in October, it’s safe to say we’ll start to hear some casting announcements soon.

The second season of Agent Carter will premiere in 2016.

Source: /Film.