At this point, the Doctor Strange interviews are continuing to pour in, without a whole lot of new information coming out. Fans have a pretty good idea of what the film will be about and what it will look like. Still, conversations with the actors sometimes bring out elements that have been less discussed than others. For example, Mads Mikkelsen really wanted to be in a movie where he could do Kung Fu.

I also thought it was a smart choice to have a villain like that to identify the Doctor Strange character was important but was also very important that we were doing flying Kung Fu.

I spent four to five weeks with the stunt men before we started shooting just to learn the choreography and the basics. Also to learn the wires and all the lifting in the air, it was something you just wanted to do when you were fifteen and now I got the chance to do it when I was fifty.

Many folks sitting at home on the couch can appreciate the sentiment here. “Why did I do this movie? Because I get to do kung fu, man!” Given Mikkelsen’s prestige and the relative seriousness of his roles, it’s cool to see him showing a bit of his fun side. Also, the previews for the film have emphasized a lot of the magic of the film (major special effects, the Cloak of Levitation, graphic representations of spells and teleportation), but little of the hand to hand combat stuff made the main trailers. Apparently, some aerial fighting will be a big part of the movie too.

Mikkelsen isn’t a newbie to the world of Marvel, having a rough understanding of Doctor Strange even before becoming attached to the project.

I was familiar with it, it’s not that I recalled it vividly. I was always a giant Marvel fan in general, I read all the comic books and all the graphic novels. With Doctor Strange I fell upon him as well, I loved his universal, I loved the colors and what they did. The philosophy was probably for people a little older then me and it was intellectual at that point as well. That part I probably didn’t get as a kid but I did enjoy seeing Doctor Strange.

As the MCU has expanded, it has been interesting to see what actors loved Marvel as kids and which ones know less about the comics. Sometimes an actor surprises fans with their nonchalance on the comics, Mike Colter’s limited knowledge of Luke Cage comes to mind, while others like Mikkelsen are excited to play in the world they grew up imagining. Some actors claim their ignorance helps them to portray a character in an authentic way, while others let their passion for the source material drive their portrayal.

Are you excited to see Mikkelsen’s take on a Marvel villain? Do you think it will be a better than average big bad, or will continue a pattern of underwhelming nemeses? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Doctor Strange stars Benedict Cumberbatch, Tilda Swinton, Benedict Wong, Rachel McAdams, and Mikkelsen. It comes to theaters this weekend, with many showings on Thursday night.

Source: LRM