In two weeks, Mads Mikkelsen will officially join the MCU as Kaecilius, the villain in Doctor Strange. Mikkelsen has a history of portraying villains as complicated characters with depth and personality. Kaecilius is the next in a long line of complicated villains for the MCU, where the line between the good guys and the bad guys isn’t always crystal clear.

Mikkelsen revealed some of his tricks to providing depth to his characters at a recent press conference for Doctor Strange. He described that the line between good and bad is easier to blur when the villain accepts that they are doing what is righteous.

I always think all characters as a hero. I think we have look at them that way. The key to any good villain, which I think was very clear from the beginning of this journey, is that they have a point. It’s not completely crazy what they’re saying. That is a point, even in Doctor Strange’s eyes he does believe I have a point, and I think that’s the key for a villain. You have to have something to identify with so he just doesn’t go ballistic and say, I’m going to take over the world because I can. No, it’s a reason. It doesn’t make sense. “What’s he thinking about out there?” Honestly, playing it safe for a fraction of time, it doesn’t make sense. So I want to do something, and I think the villains should be like that.

Nothing in Doctor Strange looks as though the actors or creative team are playing it safe. Mikkelsen is helping bring to light a world envisioned by director Scott Derrickson, who shared Mikkelsen’s vision of a Kaecilius as a mis-understood hero.

It’s in the script and Scott was on that page, so we tried to make him a man who knows what he’s talking about, a little bit like a demigod, Jamestown, Jonestown, or whatever it’s called, somebody who believes, utterly in what he says.

It will be interesting to see what the friction is between Strange and Kaecilius, which blurs the lines for these heroes. Those of us in the United States will have to wait until November 4, to find out. Do you think you’ll be sympathetic to Kaecilius’ cause, when it is finally revealed? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Screenrant.