Ever since the last scene of The Defenders, fans have been hypothesizing what is coming for Daredevil Season 3.  The groundwork appears set for some version of Born Again.  This is particularly the case when Matt woke up on a bed and someone said to get “Maggie.”  Comic readers will know that Sister Maggie is Matt’s mother.  Netflix has now cast the character according to Deadline.

Wolf Hall alum Joanne Whalley is set to join the now Erik Oleson showrunner series I’ve learned…In that potential vein, Whalley is set to play the steel spined Sister Maggie in the upcoming new cycle of the Marvel series. In the particular Frank Miller penned Daredevil comics, Sister Maggie nurses Matt Murdock back to full strength. Oh, and she’s his mother – so throw that into the small screen mix too.

The series has already hinted at Sister Maggie back in Season 1.  Battlin’ Jack Murdock made a phone call right before his last fight and murder to someone to let them know that Matt was going to need help.  We also know that Matt spent some time after his dad’s death with nuns, before Stick picks him up.  Getting some more of that backstory will be a good way to dig deeper into the mythology of the character.

Joanne Whalley is not the buzziest actress Netflix has ever cast.  But while she hasn’t been in any big shows recently, she does have a long career spanning decades.  Thus far Netflix has a great track record on casting, so this could be another in a long line of good additions to the series.  It will also be interesting to see if they can bring Skylar Gaertner back as young Matt if they want to.  Child actors aging can be a challenge.  

What do you think of the casting?  Do you want to see more of the “Born Again” story?  Do you want to see more of Matt’s childhood?  Share your thoughts in the comments.

Source: Deadline