If you ask most movie fans what film they’re most excited for at the moment, there is a strong chance that their answer would be Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Disney, which owns both Lucasfilm and Marvel now, has done an excellent job handling what they’ve shown in the trailers for Episode 7. As it stands, they’ve released only two teaser trailers, a final trailer, an international trailer, and a TV spot, but they’ve been mindful of what has been shown.

We’ve more than likely seen all the footage for Episode 7 that they want us to see and, if that is the case, they’ve finished without showing a single glimpse of probably the most anticipated part of the year’s most anticipated film. That scene will be the return of Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker in all his Jedi master power.

It’s insane that there is so much anticipation for the movie but they’ve yet to pull out the “big gun.” What’s even crazier? Everyone seems to be okay with it! It’s been THIRTY-TWO years since fans have seen Luke Skywalker on the big screen, but even the most die-hard of fans are more than happy to wait until the movie to see the return of Luke.

Next year, Disney will release another highly anticipated movie with Captain America: Civil War which will see both Captain America & Iron Man, two fan-favorite characters, face off against one another. The first trailer will reportedly be attached to Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which while close, is still too far for those eagerly awaiting the first look at Cap’s third solo film. But Civil War could very well share one other thing with The Force Awakens, depending on how Marvel chooses to market the film.

Earlier this year, Marvel and Sony put their feelings aside and agreed to work together to give us, the fans, a Spider-Man franchise that we all want and deserve. The third attempt at the Spider-Man character will be different than the previous installments for a variety of reasons. This will be the first time we don’t see a flat out origin story for the character and he will stay in high school for his first few appearances as part of the MCU.

His debut will come in the aforementioned Captain America: Civil War. We’ve seen plenty of promotional art, but when the sides were revealed, the presence of Spider-Man was noticeably lacking. In fact, we have yet to see the new Spider-Man suit, but the reaction has been the exact opposite of how Disney is hiding Luke. Everyone, myself included, is itching to see what the suit(s) will look like. However, should we actually want them to hold off on the reveal? I think we should.

Marvel, and more so Sony, have been guilty of giving away some big reveals and scenes in trailers before, and I’m hoping they change that up and follow the path of Star Wars for their next film. For those fans planning on seeing The Force Awakens on opening night, when Luke Skywalker is finally shown in Episode 7, I can guarantee that the theater will erupt in a way that you’ve probably never experienced.

The amount of emotion that will fill the room will make everyone in attendance more than happy that Disney kept Luke out of marketing, which is why I think Disney and Marvel should make Spider-Man the Luke Skywalker of Captain America: Civil War. Now, I’m not proposing that we get ZERO presence from the Spider-Man world in the trailers, and I’m guessing that Sony has assurances that that won’t happen. There is no doubt that Tom Holland will be featured as Peter Parker in the footage that is released, but there will probably also be some Spider-Man Easter eggs of sorts. Some quick scenes with a web or maybe even an extreme closeup shot of the suit could work, but I can’t help but hope that we will not see the entire suit before the release, from both official and leaked sources, in order to allow that moment of suspense and excitement to fill theaters packed with fans.

I know it would be exciting if tomorrow, Marvel released an official image of the Spider-Man suit. It would take over the internet and generate a ton of buzz throughout the world for Marvel, but do they even need it at this point? Even without Spider-Man, Captain America: Civil War is basically guaranteed to make a billion dollars based on Marvel’s history and the lore that comes with this movie. So just like Disney, Lucasfilm, and J.J. Abrams are doing with Star Wars: The Force Awakens, having kept Luke hidden from the marketing, Disney, Marvel and Kevin Fiege should do the same with Spider-Man.

Marvel has tried to previously hide some of the bigger reveals during marketing, such as Vision’s look in Avengers: Age of Ultron, but ultimately they did not succeed. Whether it was marketing material or one of the 40 or so TV spots they released, the look of Vision was uncovered. So far, merchandise and promo art have been absent of Spider-Man and it can stay that way. For Star Wars, there is no doubt in my mind that Disney is sitting on multiple old-man Luke Skywalker toys that will only be made available after the films release. I’m hoping they take the same approach with the Spider-Man suit, but Sony could have some say in whether or not he is shown.

Casual movie fans may not even know that a new Spider-Man is coming next year, but after seeing one of the biggest movies of 2016, toy sales for the new look hero would go through the roof. Kids and grownups alike would be clamoring to get their hands on the MCU Spider-Man toys. When the Luke figures are released, a similar rush will go through fans. These figures will sell out quickly and only continue to generate buzz for the film, even after it’s release. I know that the reveal of Luke for the first time in 30 years is a much bigger deal then seeing the third incarnation of Spider-Man in the past decade, but the reveal will be one of the most memorable moments in the history of the MCU.

To this point, the transformation of Bruce Banner into the Hulk at the end of The Avengers is one of the best moments in the MCU and that wasn’t shown during the marketing. I remember being in my theater for the premiere and the crowd losing their minds because of how amazing that moment was. I think Marvel would get a similar reaction by keeping their version of the suit hidden and waiting for everyone to see it on the big screen for the very first time.

Only time will tell what their plan for Spider-Man is!

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Do you want to wait until May to see the suit or should Marvel show it in its full glory in a trailer? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Captain America: Civil War is scheduled to hit theaters May 6, 2016.