Our lord and savior took to Reddit last night for an AMA, where thousands of fans swarmed to ask all kinds of questions. One of the questions asked was about the elusive Mandarin, a character that was teased in the one-shot All Hail the King following the fan outrage surrounding the twist in *Iron Man 3, whether there was a chance of seeing the real deal in the MCU, to which Kevin Feige gave a cryptic “Yes” to, freaking out fans online.

Without going into to details about developing projects, are there any plans to incorporate the Ten Rings from the first Iron Man, or the “real” Mandarin teased in “All Hail the King” in the future?

KF: Yes.

As someone who’s 180’d on Iron Man 3 when it came out, I’m totally fine with them not giving us the real Mandarin. I hated what they did with Trevor Slattery upon watching it in theaters but I’ve grown to love Shane Blacks touch on it since. I’m also not too keen on creatives backtracking on their vision which is what All Hail the King felt like – a way to appease the outrage, as entertaining as that one-shot was.

All that said, I’m incredibly intrigued by the prospect of bringing back the Ten Rings in a big way. A rumor recently surfaced from 4chan saying that Mandarin could end up being the father of Shang-Chi, the next big MCU tentpole about to head into production. Fans know of Shang-Chi’s villainous paternal heritage as his father in the comics was originally Fu-Manchu. Marvel later retconned into someone else for legal reasons but making it the Mandarin in the MCU would be one hell of a change.

Source: Reddit