It’s a shame that Mariah Dillard and Cornell Stokes never got their full due in the first season of Luke Cage. The two characters had an incredible dynamic and it was magnetic to see them play off each other in the show. My feelings soured on Mariah when they killed off Cornell and had her pushed to the side in favor of a poorly-written Diamondback during the latter half of the season. But this new trailer for Luke Cage Season 2, it’s getting me hella hyped to see Mariah back in the forefront.

So I really love this trailer. It’s well edited and has a good song to boot. Hearing Mariah speak words of female empowerment is chilling to hear, in a very good way. The imagery in it is great too. That seeming shot of Mariah setting that man on fire is pretty shocking. We also get a good idea on how Bushmaster isn’t the only threat to Harlem. Overall, this trailer delivers the goods and I hope the show lives up to it. The embargo for the reviews lift at the end of the week so we’ll be getting an idea on what the show is like real soon.

Source: Youtube