One of the biggest takeaways from Spider-Man: Homecoming was its villain, the Vulture. Portrayed by Micheal Keaton, the Vulture will easily be looked at as one of the MCU’s best villains to date, especially given Keaton’s fantastic performance.

However, another actor was interested in the role: the one and only Mark Hamill. Speaking to Rotten Tomatoes at Disney’s D23 Expo this past weekend, Hamill said that he had his eyes on the role of the Vulture before Keaton took the spot.

I don’t want to jeopardize any potential roles I might have in a future Marvel film. I had my fingers crossed that Michael Keaton would turn down the Vulture but darn it. There’s not a lot of villainous roles for senior citizens so I had my eyes on the Vulture.

While Keaton’s performance in Homecoming was incredible, memorable, and just perfect considering what Marvel did with the character, it would have been awesome to see Mark join the MCU in a role that would have fit him quite well. Not to mention it would have been fun to see him alongside all of the not-so-subtle Star Wars easter eggs sprinkled throughout the film.

Hamill is obviously no stranger to comic book properties, as a self-proclaimed comic book nerd, guest star on The Flash, and of course, as the voice of the Joker in several animated DC movies. As Mark said, there aren’t many other aging villain roles in Marvel’s lineup, but I have no doubt we’ll eventually see him in the MCU in one form or another. Personally, MODOK or an older Norman Osborn jump out as roles he could take, or maybe even J Jonah Jameson. But what do you think, what role would you put Mark Hamill in?

Via: Screenrant