Some rather stressful weeks are ahead for any comic book nerd out there. Marvel will have a special Avengers: Infinity War event during D23 Expo and then it will be followed by the next major event, which will see Hall H once again be the place to be for visitors of San Diego Comic Con. Many are wondering what we can expect from Marvel Studios this year, as with Entertainment Weekly making a gigantic news piece on Black Panther pre-SDCC, the recent release of Spider-Man: Homecoming and the current production of Infinity War, there is quite a lot to talk about this time around.

Many are hoping to see an event similar to that of the one shortly before the first Avengers, where we saw all the Avengers in one room for the first time. Given teh large cast that we can expect from the upcoming crossover, which may even see the end of some characters and actors journey as part of the MCU, it would not be too surprising to bring everyone together for one last hurrah. Naturally, it would also be possible that they take this direction next year, as the official end of Phase 3 is the still untitled Avengers film of 2019. Still, with all the buzz going around, Mark Ruffalo certainly has many people hyped for what SDCC has in store for us.

Those lucky enough to get their hands on a ticket and willingly going to stand in line for might have quite the treat waiting for them. Knowing Marvel Studios, not much will leak online outside of a few people describing what has happened at the event. Still, it is great to see so much fan support even if it would be nice to see the return of a Marvel Studios exclusive event, just like the one that came with the announcement of the Phase 3 slate. If we are lucky, this might happen once again next year to announce what Phase 4 has in store for us moving forward.

What do you think they might show? Are you excited for the announcements?