Avengers: Infinity War is not too far away and we are finally getting a bit more information on the film. One major aspect is how the two separate stories featuring key Avengers, Thor: Ragnarok and Captain America: Civil War, will come together in the upcoming film. We spent quite a bit of time with Banner on Sakaar, where he was the Hulk for two whole years. The last time we saw him, he feared that his next transformation would be his last one shortly before he took a heroic leap to save Asgardians. Now, the big question remains how this will affect Banner and how his interaction will be with Stark once he returns to earth. Luckily, an interview with Mark Ruffalo gave us some hints of what we can expect.

Well, coming out of Thor 3, Banner’s had a life-changing experience in Thor 3 that makes him much more expressive and not so internalized, you know? So it’s not combative, but they’re not so in-sync as they were. Plus, Banner doesn’t understand Civil War. He just doesn’t get it.

That is not all, as seeing the two Science Bros. unite once again, people are hoping to see their friendship continue growing in Infinity War. Last time Bruce and Tony worked together they created the deadly A.I. Ultron who wanted to kill them. As such, fans wonder how much of the Science Bros. will we get and if they will jump into their next potentially ill-fated experiment.

Oh yeah, there’s great Science Bros. stuff. There’s good Science Bros. stuff. We’ve paired up again.

It just isn’t an Avengers film without the Science Bros. trying to find a scientific answer. We still do not know where the Soul Stone is being hidden so their research might try to uncover its location. Moreover, it would also be quite fun to see them interact with Wakandan technology and what they could potentially do with it. The first trailer showed us the Hulkbuster at the Wakandan war, so who knows if they can add a few interesting toys to give them an advantage against the invading force.

What are your thoughts on it? Are you looking forward to more Science Bros.?

Source: Slashfilm

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