It’s going to be a while before Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. returns to our screens, possibly as late as January 2018. The show will come at some point after we have seen the enterity of Inhumans, which will run into November, but the release date has not been confirmed. Regardless of when we get to see the finished product, it appears that work has already begun to get the fifth season into production.

Nora Zuckerman is a Supervising Producer on the series, having joined in the fourth season. It is common for the writers’ room to get to action as much as six weeks before the writing of the first script begins, to put together a plan for the over-arching elements of the season. However, on some series, that time can be much shorter. Either way, this means that the world where Coulson has arrived at the end of season four is being brought to reality a little bit more, every day.

This schedule appears to be silmilar to previous seasons, even though the season premiere is expected to be much later than normal. Perhaps this will mean that the show is going to premier earlier than 2018. Either way, fans will be excited to see what Zuckerman and team are putting together in that writers’ room!

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Source: Twitter