In what is both surprising and slightly confusing news, it appears that Marvel TV and ABC studios are at work on developing one of their more obscure IPs to introduce one of their most unique characters. A report to TVLine suggests that a New Warriors series is being shopped to cable networks and streaming services and that the focus of the show will be on Doreen Green, aka Squirrel Girl.

While Squirrel Girl has seen her fair share of headlines of late as the likes of Anna Kendrick and Shannon Purser in pursuit of a portraying the Sciuridae superhero (literally NOBODY else is writing that), she’s only recently seen a resurgence in popularity with two recent volumes, written by Ryan North, being added to Marvel’s universe in the past 20 months. Dedicated True Believers will remember her early days as a Great Lakes Avenger and her time as the babysitter to Luke Cage and Jessica Jones’ daughter, Dani, however, her status and the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl has not taken hold with larger audiences. While she has subtly defeated such foes as Doctor Doom, Galactus and Thanos, she sadly remains a bit of a sleeper, though an absolute cosplay favorite. It appears Marvel intends to change all of that now, if this rumor is true, by making her the centerpiece of the New Warriors.

The New Warriors, a group of teen heroes added to the Marvel catalog in 1989, is, like Squirrel Girl, sadly a lesser known IP for Marvel. Most well-known for their role in the inciting moment of Marvel’s Civil War comic arc, the New Warriors, much like the Avengers, has been composed of a rotating roster of super-powered teens who broke away from the sidekick stereotype and formed their own team of heroes.

It appears that Marvel may be taking some liberties with the New Warriors name as the rumor says that the series is being developed as a comedy and that the team will include, if not feature Squirrel Girl, who has never been a member of the New Warriors. It’s possible that Marvel TV, much like they did with the Defenders, may combine a group of heroes who were related under a name that they previously hadn’t shared. For instance, many fans would have related Daredevil, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage to Marvel Knights or “street level” heroes, but not as the Defenders. In this case, it’s possible that Marvel could be taking any combination of heroes from the Great Lakes Avengers, New Warriors, the recent New Avengers or even the upcoming U.S. Avengers series.

While this series won’t likely air in 2016, Marvel TV may have it ready for screen sometime in 2017. We will update you on this developing story as it comes available. As of now, Marvel has yet to comment on the potential series.

Source: TV Line.