It has been wildly assumed for some time now that Marvel would premiere a trailer for Captain America: Civil War during the Super Bowl, much like they did with 2014’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and now it appears as though we have confirmation that it is indeed happening. Throughout the week, Marvel and Coca-Cola have been sending out specialized cans featuring characters from the upcoming films to various outlets, teasing something for the Super Bowl.

(Side note: How awesome are those cans?!)

And that something is seemingly a second trailer for the highly anticipated film. Again, this isn’t entirely surprising. After all, Marvel and Disney released the second trailer for The Winter Soldier during the broadcast in 2014, and as of tomorrow, we’re now four months out from the release of Civil War – which means we can expect promotion to kick into high gear soon. Per the folks over at Adweek, the trailer is set to air during the second quarter of the Super Bowl, and it will be a sixty-second spot. It’s more than likely that, following the airing of the TV spot, both Marvel and Coca-Cola will release the full-length second trailer online.

Super Bowl Sunday kicks off this Sunday, February 7th, on CBS.

Until then, you can re-watch the excellent first trailer for Civil War on repeat.

Sources: Screen-Rant and Adweek.