A couple of recent casting calls for Ant-Man and The Wasp may have revealed an adjusted start date for the film and given us an idea of how long it will be filming in Atlanta. The first casting call was seemingly for a stand-in for co-star Evangeline Lilly and the latest, posted just a couple of days ago, is clearly for the other co-star, Paul Rudd. When I say clearly, it’s because the Facebook post for the casting has a picture of Rudd with his eyes blocked out, so we are not guessing, but here are the postings:

For Lilly:

***FEATURE FILM*** Cherry Blue***
***Seeking an Experienced Stand In*** Thursday 5/18 in Atlanta for a fitting and then Friday 5/19 at Pinewood Studios for a Camera Test.
Rate: $110/10

Central Casting is looking for an EXPERIENCED Stand In to work on this exciting project.
– CB Stand in: Looking for a female who appears to be Caucasian or Asian, over 18 years old, with a fair complexion. Height 5’5-5’6″, dress size 2 and dark/ black hair.

And Rudd:

***FEATURE FILM***Cherry Blue**
***Seeking Experienced Stand Ins***Fayetteville, GA***
Rate: $110/10 Camera Test: Friday 5/19
Central Casting is looking for an EXPERIENCED Stand In to work on this exciting project. You must be available to work starting Monday July 7/10 and have a completely open & flexible schedule through the end of October, as work dates may vary. Stand in experience is preferred. See below for specific character descriptions:
– CB Man : Looking for a male who appears to be Caucasian, 20’s-40’s. Height 5’9-5’11, chest size 40-42. Dark brown/black hair.

“Cherry Blue” has been known as the working title for the film for some time now and the film has been in pre-production since February in preparation for what we believed to be (and Kevin Feige recently confirmed) was a June shoot. However, the second casting call indicates that Rudd’s stand-in need not be available until Monday, July 10th. Certainly their could be some location shots and second unit work done before that, but the casting call seems to indicate that the principal cast of the new Ant-Man movie will be filming from July until October. That timeline certainly fits with other recent Marvel movies, with the exception of Avengers: Infinity War; in fact, the principal cast of Thor: Ragnarok was on set for the same amount of time last summer, filming from July until October of 2016.

If the film has been pushed to an early-July start, we should expect some casting news to start appearing literally any day now. Though we don’t know exactly where the film will fall in the Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline, we do believe that it will focus, at least in part, on the search for Hank Pym’s wife, Janet van Dyne, Marvel’s original Wasp who we got a glimpse of in the original. We have heard that Sharon Stone, who revealed she has a role in an upcoming Marvel movie, might be up for the role of van Dyne, so we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for any and all casting announcements.

Ant-Man and The Wasp will hit theaters July 6, 2018.

Source: Project Casting