Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger has been taking it’s time to get to our TV screens. While the 10-episode first season of the series was announced in 2016, it isn’t expected to air on ABC’s Freeform network until early in 2018. Our first look at the series, which showed the stars Olivia Holt and Aubrey Joseph in the dark setting that New Orleans will provide, is all that fans have seen up until this point. Even so, there is a confusing rumor that there may be enough support for the show that a second season is already underway.

Cloak & Dagger doesn’t premiere until next year on Freeform but it might have already been quietly renewed for a 2nd season.
According to a source, production on the 2nd season is to to begin next month in New Orleans and will last till October.

It’s important to keep in mind that we haven’t heard anything from the set of Cloak and Dagger since production on the pilot wrapped in February. It would make far more sense for the production that will be starting in July to be for the remainder of the first season, now that any feedback from the completed pilot episode can be incorporated. The production is also not listed on the New Orleans production schedule, yet. If this next phase of production is for a second season, that would be extraordinary. Essentially, Freeform would have two fully completed seasons in their pocket before the world has even seen the first episode.

Even if this is the filming of the remaining nine episodes of the first season, it’s great to hear something new from the series. Do you think the second season rumor is true? Let us know, in the comments!

Source: Spoiler TV