For those of you going through dancing Baby Groot withdrawal, amazing news is on the way! The Blu-ray release date for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 has been revealed to be August 22nd. If that news wasn’t enough, writer and director James Gunn dropped an even bigger bombshell about the upcoming release:

“Yes, it’s true, & I am UNBELIEVABLY EXCITED to announce that, after a couple of years of me begging and pleading, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 will be coming to home video in 4K UltraHD. It will be the FIRST Disney release to be released this way.”

While this announcement is huge news, it is worth noting that no official announcement has been made yet by Disney or Marvel Studios. However, it would be very hard to believe that Gunn would make this type of announcement if he wasn’t 100% sure that this news was true. For those that aren’t aware, 4K is also known as Ultra HD (although technically there is a slight difference between the two). There are roughly four times the amount of pixels in a 4K television than a regular Full HD TV, thus making this such huge news for both Disney and Marvel Studios.

Now that we have a date, there are some other important details that haven’t yet been released. Those include whether or not a 3-D version will be released, the Digital HD release date, and a list of Special Features and Extras. Having said that, it has been widely speculated that there will be a 3-D version released and typically most Digital HD releases are two weeks ahead of Blu-ray releases. If this holds true, expect a Digital HD release date of August 8.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 has netted over $850 million globally at the box office. The Digital HD and Blu-ray releases are expected to be a very hot item, to say the least. Eventually, like all Marvel movies going forward, you will be able to stream this installment of your favorite intergalactic trouble makers on Netflix.

Source: DVD Release Dates