While we don’t regularly cover toy reveals here, we make exceptions for noteworthy ones. Marvel just unveiled the latest batch of their highly sought-out Marvel Legends figures and with it came a first look at their tie-in Cull Obsidian toy for Avengers: Infinity War, whose toy design is a drastic change from the one they unveiled at SDCC last year. Check out the comparisons below!

There are three possible reasons behind this design change. First, it could be that Marvel decided to completely change Cull Obsidian’s look last minute, reverting his sleek futuristic space armor into something more medieval and monstrous, prompting toy makers to follow suit quickly before the film comes out. We haven’t see any of them in trailers yet so Marvel can sort of get away with this. Two, it could be that Cull gets a wardrobe change halfway into the film. If Spidey gets a new suit, why shouldn’t Cull? Maybe he decides that his armor is too freeing and goes for a stripped down commando look. And third, it could be the toy company completely doing their own spin on the character. Regardless of what’s going on, I’m not completely feeling this look for Cull Obsidian. I’d much prefer to OG look they revealed in SDCC, a perfect blend of the futuristic aesthetic of the MCU and the comic design.

What do you think of Cull Obsidian’s potentially new look? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Toyark