My man Dave Gonzales at Latino-Review applied some deductive reasoning today in his weekly Mar7elous Dave column about who may end up directing Marvel’s Inhumans. What do you think of his conclusion?

When Edgar Wright and Marvel Studios parted ways over creative differences about the direction of Ant-Man, there was a period of time where the film was left without a creative team and several names were bandied about as potential directorial candidates. One of those names was talented writer/director Adam McKay (Anchorman, The Other Guys). While he ultimately passed on the job, he did agree to do some script rewrites along with his good friend, and the film’s star, Paul Rudd. The rewrites were received quite well, leaving McKay, a longtime Marvel comic fan, in the good graces of Kevin Feige and company, who were so pleased with the work that they apparently began discussing further opportunities for collaboration, including potential directorial gigs.

Phase 3 is shaping up pretty quickly, as Gonzales pointed out in today’s column. With Captain America: Civil War, Doctor Strange and Guardians of the Galaxy 2 already taken and the Russo brothers having just taken the helm of both parts of Avengers: Infinity War, Marvel’s current job openings for directors are already at a premium. Gonzales was quick to point out that Captain Marvel and Black Panther, for several reasons, are NOT options for McKay, leaving the Marvel Studios’ Spider-Man film, Thor: Ragnarok and Inhumans the only options for now.

I’m fully on board with the Mar7elous Da7e’s assessment that Thor: Ragnarok doesn’t seem like the place for McKay to enter the MCU and I know that typically, when Gonzales writes a column, he knows much more than he’s letting on, so when he says that while he’d love to see McKay take on Spider-Man (something that’s crossed my mind and left my lips many times since the rights’ acquisition), but that Inhumans seems more likely, there is a reason for it.

Marvel’s Inhumans are quickly building up some steam thanks to their introduction on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Vin Diesel’s one-man teasing campaign over the upcoming film. Marvel has a script by Joe Robert Cole that they’ve been shopping to directors and, while I have no idea the tone of the script, I’d be surprised if at this point, they haven’t run the script by McKay. Maybe he took a look, did some work on it and thought it was the film for him (I’m obviously assuming a pretty open relationship between McKay and Feige, but I think Feige is VERY happy with the work McKay did for him especially at the time he had to do it).

All that having been said, were are roughly 2 years away from Marvel’s typical time frame for assembling a film’s creative team, so I don’t expect any official announcements any time soon, but if Marvel and McKay want to work together on this film, they’ll probably have to start doing so sooner than later because it’s VERY likely that some key Inhumans will show up on screen before their solo film and McKay, if he’s going to direct, would probably like to be a part of the casting process.

Of course all of this is pure speculation, the original on Gonzales’ part and the really crazy stuff on mine, so file it away as something of interest until further notice.