We’re all still a little shocked, since in the last few weeks the TV side of the MCU has received two major blows. First, Iron Fist was canceled even after a lot of praise for its second season’s improvement over the first one. Then, a few days ago, Luke Cage was also canceled, despite – again – mostly favorable reviews for its season two. While many speculated that this would actually turn out to be good news and that a Heroes For Hire show could be on the way, a new report suggests that things are about to get worse rather than better.

Business Insider has released a report revealing social media statistics for each Marvel show on the streaming service. The overall conclusion is that the social media buzz for all of them has dropped dramatically over time, with Luke Cage and Iron Fist suffering the biggest drops. Using this as a reference for cancelation, it does raise an eyebrow on what may befall Daredevil and Jessica Jones, whose online buzz has declined greatly as well. Netflix may be notoriously secretive with ratings and such but online buzz can still be considered a good basis on what the audience is consuming.

Only time will tell what’s gonna happen with the remaining beloved Netflix shows. In the meantime, Daredevil has an amazing new season now streaming on the platform, and Jessica Jones and The Punisher have a third and a second season coming in 2019, respectively.

Do you believe the Netflix corner of the MCU has a future beyond next year? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Business Insider via We Got This Covered