It’s Monday, which means it is time for Marvel News Desk.  This week we are still high on the rumors that Fox and Disney have discussed a sale of their entertainment properties and we talk about how this would affect the MCU.  As usual, we also talk about the latest news and review the latest episodes of Inhumans.  (As a reminder, we go into full spoilers for everything that has released in the MCU, including the whole Inhumans series.)  Make sure to find out how you can participate in our latest contest give away as well!  Oh yeah, Rhiannon is back this week too!  So lend us your earballs for another great episode of the Marvel News Desk podcast.

0:00-Rhiannon is back! And another contest!

3:12-Daredevil Season 3 Details
8:46-Infinity War Trailer Soon?
10:43-Runaways Promo Materials
16:16-Thor: Ragnarok Box Office
20:15-Mockingbird on Most Wanted
21:45-Feige on Incredible Hulk Dangling Storylines

24:00-Inhumans Episodes 7-8 Review

42:36-The Fox/Disney Deal

1:03:28-Why We Don’t Curse

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