MCU enthusiasts are always waiting for new information about the upcoming properties and how the interpretation of their favorite characters will manifest on the screen. One of the clues that often helps is when a director becomes attached to a film. The style the director is known for prior to their entrance into the MCU often speaks volumes about what type of a “flavor” the film may have. Also, being the movie business, a big name director announced by the studio early can provide added interest in a film that is still more than a year away. This is why all the announced films coming out of Marvel Studios for the remainder of Phase 3 have directors attached…

…all but one that is…

Captain Marvel, currently slated for a March 8, 2019 release in the US, has not announced its promised female director.

As can be seen from this MCU Exchange search, the search for, and the potential announcement of, a Captain Marvel director has been ongoing for a while. While announcements were expected last summer, and then by the end of 2016, there seems to be no hurry in finding/announcing this choice. Variety reporter Justin Kroll noted (though not citing any specific sources) on Twitter yesterday that Marvel Studios is in “no rush” to announce this directorial choice. With 4 movies in line ahead of Captain Marvel, there’s not much any director could be doing now at any rate.

It is difficult to determine if Kroll has new information or is simply going on what he reported before. As noted in this MCU Exchange article, Kroll Tweeted nearly identical news six months ago (almost to the day):

While some of the delays is likely due to waiting on a script that not only matches expectations but works in as much upcoming MCU events as possible, there is little doubt that some of the delays is due the desire to make sure that the choice the studio makes for its first female director is the best possible choice they could make. Fans, industry, the public at large look at these choices carefully and making the right one can boost pent-up demand for a film while the wrong choice can lead to months and months of internet bashing before a single frame of film has been shot.

So, an announcement is coming, that’s for sure…but for now audiences will have to simply be patient…and everyone knows how patient fandom residents can be.

Thoughts on this slow march to a directorial announcement? Speculation on who it might be? Let’s hear both in the comments below!

Source: Twitter