When the Punisher series premieres this fall, it will be the first spinoff from the Netflix corner of the MCU, taking us in a new direction that has yet to be revealed. However, we already know the lead character, as Jon Bernthal‘s Frank Castle was introduced to us in the second season of Daredevil last year. It was also confirmed, when production began, that Debra Ann Woll would be appearing in the series as Karen Page, Matt Murdock’s love interest, and prodigy investigative journalist.

A source close to production has confirmed with us that Karen Page isn’t going to be the only Daredevil alum making an appearance in Castle’s world, but her boss, Mitchell Ellison (Geoffrey Cantor) will show up, as well. IMDb shows that the character will appear in two episodes, 1.02 and 1.09. While IMDb can be unreliable for early casting information, our source has confirmed that in this instance, it is accurate.

Originally, Ellison’s character came off as the MCU version of J. Jonah Jamison, the ruthless editor in Marvel Comics. As Ben Urich’s boss, fans were uncertain of Ellison’s true alliances in Daredevil‘s first season. However, as his character developed in the second season of Daredevil, we learned that he truly has a conscious, and his support moved Karen Page into Urich’s shoes as an investigative journalist.

While Page was referenced in Iron Fist, neither she or Ellison have appeared in any of the other Netflix Television series. Cantor is not expected to show up in The Defenders, which will premiere on August 18. While Rosario Dawson‘s Claire Temple is the most likely character to pop up in any of the Netflix MCU series, she is definitely not going to be in Punisher. 

We’ll get to see what brings Ellison into Frank Castle’s world when the full first season of Punisher premieres on Netflix this fall. There is a strong rumor that this will be on November 14, but this has yet to be confirmed by Netflix. Until then, what do you think of Karen Page’s boss getting involved in Castle’s story? Let us know, in the comments!