Just minutes after debuting the first incredible trailer for the upcoming film, Marvel has just released the first official poster for Thor: Ragnarok.

The poster features Thor himself front and center, complete with his new haircut, helmet, and a distinct lack of Mjolnir. The setting here appears to be the battle area where Chris Hemsworth’s Thor will fight Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk.

This new poster doesn’t reveal anything new about the film, but it gives us another look at just how different Ragnarok will be compared to the rest of the MCU. There’s plenty of color in this poster, just like there is in the footage and stills we’ve seen so far. Everything about this film seems to place it firmly in the Cosmic corner of the universe and what we’ve seen today certainly confirms that.

Thor: Ragnarok is set to debut in theaters on November 3rd, 2017.

Source: Marvel