Coming into Marvel’s Luke Cage series feat. Mike Colter we already knew how integral music would be to the show. From action scenes with music playing in the background to performances by well-known artists at the Harlem’s Paradise nightclub, hip-hop is seamlessly mixed into a show set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That in itself is a feat, something we haven’t seen on this level in a Marvel production. But it’s when Method Man makes an appearance on the show that we get a song blended with the struggles Luke Cage is going through with the real life events of our time.

The lyrics that stand out most include that of Trayvon Martin, a black teen gunned down in Florida while wearing a hoodie.

“Look dawg, a hero never had one, already took Malcolm and Martin this is the last one, I beg your pardon somebody pulling a fast one, now we got a hero for hire and he a black one. And bullet hole hoodies is the fashion, we in Harlem’s Paradise till it got done, then I’m about to trade the mic for a magnum, give up my life for Trayvon to have one.”

The show definitely tackles this same issue, with Luke Cage possibly being profiled for wearing a hoodie with bullet holes. Bullet holes that the hero receives while trying to bring an end to the crime element in Harlem.

Luke Cage’s Executive Producer, Cheo Hodari Coker, previously brought up his inspirations from the Wu-Tang Clan, and how each episode is like a track on an album. This is certainly achieved, with having an elite artist like Method Man grace the screen, and bring a creative song like Bulletproof Love into the MCU. It’s a testament to how far Netflix and Marvel have come, to have great musical cameos for a show about superheroes. Check out the full song above, tell us what you think in the comments.

Source: Comicbook