Just a few weeks ago, the announcement many Marvel fans were waiting for become official. Marvel Studios ushered in a new age for the MCU by walking Brie Larson onto the stage at San Diego Comic-Con, making the reported front-runner the official Carol Danvers. Although we may have to wait until her solo movie to see Larson in costume, Captain Marvel is in a curious position of having a star without a director at the moment.

There has been countless rumors about who could be up for this job, and that makes sense with Kevin Feige saying the shortlist is down to 10. The word on the street had been that we would have it announced at SDCC or at the end of the summer at the latest. But the latest update from Justin Kroll at Variety is that Marvel is in no rush to make this decision.

Having an announcement in a month is not that long of a wait and still gives them plenty of time to re-work the movie with the director’s vision. Obviously, they have a pretty firm idea for what the movie will contain and focus on, but whoever gets brought on board will be allowed to make the changes they want, as long as they fit within the relative “big picture” guidelines that Marvel has. There is currently no timetable for when Captain Marvel will even begin production, but it could be a full year or two away until cameras are rolling. The important thing to remember here is that Marvel gets the right female director for the job and does not rush the decision. After all, this will be a big film for all parties involved to silence the notion that female superheroes can not lead films, but also give a female director the massive spotlight (and hopefully praise) that comes with working on a Marvel Studios production.

Captain Marvel is scheduled to hit theaters March 8, 2019.