Update: Now that the panel is finished, those in attendance are actually being able to write down what they saw in full detail, and now a Reddit user has posted the following description coming from Comingsoon.net that provides us with actual dialogue for the scenes shown.

Teaser description

You can read the original story below.

In preparation of Marvel Studios Hall H panel, there were whispers that something related to Spider-Man: Homecoming would get released. The complicated deal with Sony made us unsure if Marvel could do this, with even the first logo coming at a Sony event. For those lucky enough to be in Hall H tonight, they got to see the first bits of footage from the film. Short descriptive tweets have been posted by a variety of attendees, but the trailer ended by confirming that as previously reported, Vulture, played by Michael Keaton, is the villain for the movie. Here’s what people are saying about the teaser-

As is the case with SDCC, Marvel is not planning to release any of this footage online and brought in extra security to ensure it does not leak. That is not to say it still can’t but do not be expecting to see this, probably ever. Still, sounds pretty good and now we can safely say who the villain is. Stay tuned for more updates from SDCC!