Spider-Man: Homecoming is generating buzz as early reactions are beginning to roll in and they’re very positive. While official reviews are still under embargo, one confirmation we can rejoice in is that there will be a sequel produced by the real-life superhero team-up, Sony Pictures & Marvel Studios, and it begins filming next spring!

That’s good news for fans who want to see Spidey continue to swing around on the MCU playground and better news for Hollywood’s box office if this collaboration proves to be everything we hoped it could be. Perhaps we can look forward to a long-lasting partnership between the two studios. The next chapter of which begins next spring as shooting for the Homecoming sequel is scheduled to begin principle photography. With the internal high praise of Jon Watts by producer Amy Pascal, it would appear the Cop Car director has proven to be the right pick from the start:

“He knocked it out of the park. We would be crazy [not to]. He did a wonderful job and the whole atmosphere of the movie, all the things that people like about it are the things he brought to it. He’s really special.”

As Marvel Studios has continued to expand its properties, maintaining their unique vision of each new entry has been seamless with the addition of new directors who stick around for a sequel or two. Regardless, Watts’ has one thing on his mind right now and that’s getting this current project out in front of everyone before shifting his attention to the sequel:

“I don’t like talking about anything until the movie comes out… [But] yeah I think I’m signed for two movies.”

With little to no plot details underway, we do know the Spider-Man sequel will take place directly after the events of the next two Avengers movies. This was intended to set the stage for a very different MCU through the eyes of our favorite web-head. It will be interesting to see Peter return to his classes and high school drama after those massive events go down. As of now, Kevin Feige only confirmed their internal working title:

“It will be ‘Spider-Man: Subtitle’. But internally we just call it ‘Homecoming 2’ [for now].”

What do you think the “Subtitle” will be for the next one—Spider-Man: Prom? Let us know your thoughts below!

Source: Collider 1 and 2