I’ve little to add to what you’ll see here. Marvel Studios recently began filming on Avengers: Infinity War and tonight, following a live chat on Robert Downey Jr.’s Facebook, released the following video:


Tom Holland confirmed.

Avengers meeting the Guardians confirmed.

The set they show in the background. The destruction! Is it Earth? Is it Titan? WOW!!

Thor and Rocket in the concept art! Thor most definitely without Mjolnir. Is he wielding Jarnbjorn? Is it the Ultimate Mjlonir? This was both expected and unexpected from the studio. With production well underway, we knew something was inbound but I don’t know that anyone expected a video that gave us so many first looks! Well done, Feige, you magnificent bastard!

Marvel Studio’s Avengers: Infinity War will hit theaters May 4, 2018.