‘Memba when this site didn’t cover any of the Fox stuff that didn’t pertain to Marvel Studios? Well, that’s about to change as Deadline just reported yesterday that Marvel Studios was moving forward with the third Deadpool film making the film the first Fox IP to be developed first-hand by Kevin Feige’s think tank at Marvel Studios. We should be able to cover that, right? Deadline revealed that Ryan Reynolds and the studio have picked the Molyneux Sisters, a duo best known for their work on the cult hit Bob’s Burgers, to pen the third film of the Merc with the Mouth. And best of all, the film is still expected to have an R-rating.

Provided the rating doesn’t change, this is a win-win for everyone. But even if it does, it’s hard not to get excited for a Deadpool film with the Marvel Studios touch. Bob’s Burgers is such a treat to watch. The possibilities of Deadpool finally being set in the MCU – which will likely be the case – are endless. Because of the meta nature of the material, Deadpool has the advantage of migrating to the MCU with ease unlike some of the existing Marvel Fox IPs.

Source: Deadline