It is finally here, the Investors Day 2019 for Walt Disney gave us the best look at what we can expect from Disney+. Quite a few shows have been teased for a while. Just recently, another show has been revealed that will focus on Hawkeye and a young Kate Bishop. As Disney revealed their plans for their next major venture, we also got some hints at what we can expect for the beginning of Disney+’s content. This, naturally, included their future ventures together with Marvel Studios. Here are a few aspects that have been revealed during the event:

  • Marvel will get its very own segment on the platform. This will at one point include all previously released Marvel films and TV shows. Captain Marvel was at the front and center as their latest release that will be available at launch. They also teased that we can expect an early digital release on the service for Avengers: Endgame. Spider-Man: Far From Home was not part of the announcement. Sony may still be holding the first release rights for the franchise.
  • Teasing the various projects, we got our first look at the first major Marvel Studios project that will be released within the first year of the platform’s launch. Originally, Loki was the first mini-series to be announced but the first show to be confirmed alongside a logo was Falcon and Winter Soldier.

  • Of course, it wouldn’t be a Marvel presentation without our lord and savior Kevin Feige. He highlights that the service will bring all MCU properties together before showing a special clip screening of Endgame. Sadly, anyone watching the live stream did not get a chance to see it. Marvel Studios will produce unscripted series that show things that happened behind-the-scenes within the last ten years.
  • Feige promises creative freedom and film-quality series. These will be major storylines that will also be felt in other Disney+ series and in the films. Wanda-Vision will be the series focused on Scarlet Witch and Vision. They had concept art that sadly was not shown. Falcon & Winter Soldier was also once again mentioned.
  • * We also got the confirmation for the What If series. It looks like each episode will focus on a different storyline or scenario rather than multiple vignettes per episode. Feige revealed that the first episode asks “What if Peggy Carter was the one that becomes the Super-Soldier and Steve Rogers got a suit from Howard Stark?”.

  • Loki‘s series has also been confirmed. He did reveal that Tom Hiddleston will return as the character and hinted in his long history. There was no mention of there being a younger actor playing the role.
  • He does reveal that Disney+ series will strongly tie into the post-Endgame projects that they have in store for us. Sadly, no other logos were revealed during the Marvel segment but we may get more information once Endgame hits theaters.

Disney+ will certainly change the streaming service market. The biggest consequence was the loss of Marvel TV’s Netflix shows with Jessica Jones third season ending the partnership. Hulu is still a separate streaming service, so shows that are featured on that service will most likely not a crossover, especially if Disney does not deem them family-friendly. There has been a surprising lack of 20th Century Fox productions during the presentation. It may be that they want to focus on their own brands with the release before adding new properties as time goes on. It will be interesting to see what else we might expect from the service in the near future.

What are your hopes for the service? Which show are you most excited about?

Source: Disney Investor Day Live Stream