As the entire world is sequestered to their homes dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic, times are tougher than ever for the movie industry. After Disney pushed back their entire release schedule, including the entire slate for Phase 4 of the MCU, Marvel now has over 6 months before any new releases come to theaters or Disney+. Marvel still has plenty of work to do for the future regardless, especially after Disney’s acquisition of all the 20th Century Fox properties, with no definitive plans yet for franchises like the X-Men or the Fantastic 4. Thankfully, an exciting new rumor has arrived concerning a man that the MCU and its fans alike have wanted to join their ranks for years.

According to Geeks Worldwide, Marvel Studios has had meetings with multiple actors and directors over the past few weeks, including acting/directing mega-star John Krasinksi! There are no confirmations as to what project the meeting concerned, but the rumor is that this is their first official meeting concerning the MCU’s future. He was famously a finalist for the role of Captain America before it ended up going to Chris Evans a decade ago.

After gaining international fame from his time on The Office and becoming an action star through projects like Jack Ryan and more, Krasinski  has the potential to fill a number of different roles with Marvel Studios. He has been a clear fan-favorite to play the role of Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic when Marvel’s First Family makes their debut in the MCU, and he even spoken himself about his desire to play the role on numerous occasions. He is also a highly coveted writer and director after gaining financial and critical success from 2018’s A Quiet Place, which has an upcoming sequel releasing in September 2020. Hopefully the fans won’t have to wait much longer for his arrival into the MCU!

Source: Geeks WorldWide