Amidst the Sony-Disney debacle that we’ve witnessed in the past few days regarding who gets Spider-Man, it appears that the virtual tug of war is not yet over. It is now being reported by Deadline that Marvel Studios still wants to work with Jon Watts outside of Spider-Man films. Having directed Spider-Man Homecoming and Spider-Man Far From Home, this seems to be no surprise given the success of both films.

From the report, it is now being revealed that there was no assurance that Watts will be back to direct a third Spidey flick with Tom Holland and he was only contracted to direct the first two Spider-Man movies in the MCU. And now, Marvel wants to keep Watts to direct another Marvel Studios’ film. Watts’ amazing work with the Spider-Man character clearly made an impression with the studio and they want to collaborate more on other projects. The MCU has its fair share of success with directors and keeping Watts would be best for both parties.

As for who is getting the Spider-Man character, the issue is yet to be resolved. Deadline also reported that the angle of Kevin Feige being too busy to handle Spider-Man films doesn’t seem to be believable. The same report also says that Disney is actually asking for somewhere around 25% of the profits from the Spider-Man films with the same financing deal which involves financing that much and receiving the same amount from the movie.

It is a given that reports have been all over the place and the fans want nothing but resolution. We hope that this will all be resolved soon as the Spider-Man character is important to the fans and the MCU.

Source: Deadline